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Name:DCU Six Word Stories
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A DCU/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm Six Word Stories RP Community
DCU6wordstories is a Dressing Room game, no need to App Just read the rules, and bring your favorite DC/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm character in to play

The Rules

1. Posts are SIX WORDS. No more, no less. Hyphenated words count as one word. Comments can have as many words as you like.

2. No subject lines. Seriously, they'd just wind up longer than your post. Exceptions to this rule are detailed in rule 8 and 9.

3. No spamming. Once you've posted with a character, please wait three posts or 24 hours before posting again. Please wait at least one week after the last meme to post another.

4. There are tags. Use them. "IC" is your basic in-character roleplaying. "OOC" means you're breaking character and speaking as the mun. "Meta" means you're breaking the fourth wall but not character, in order to speak in-character about things they wouldn't know IC. Most of your posting should be IC. “Meme “ is for meme posts, which any character can post.

5. Report any problems/abuse/trolling to the mods. We’re here to help. Remember use common sense. Be polite. Contact the other player first before a miscommunication becomes a problem.

Don’t GodMod. God Modding is playing God. Unless you have permission you cannot move, possess, injure or control another person’s character in anyway. They determine how they are affected by your actions.

Threadjack with caution. Threads normally consist of two characters talking to each other. Adding another character to the mix can be fun or it can be annoying. Contact the other players first to see if it’s okay to interrupt. If you think threadjacking may be fun, however, feel free to mention it in your original post.

Abuse and bullying will not be tolerated. We understand that some characters will be hostile to others In-Character, and that’s fine but if you are asked to back off, do so. Not everyone wants to fight or argue. If someone doesn’t back off, contact a moderator via PM.

All moderators should be readily contactable with a registered account; however, if for any reason you believe a PM to a moderator has not gone through, please mention the issue to other moderators. Dreamwidth settings can occasionally go haywire and block messages inadvertently. Remember: we have to sleep and work and go to school sometimes too, but if someone hasn’t gotten back to you within 24 hours, assume technical difficulties. If repeated contact attempts fail, please make a comment to the mod contact thread on the OOC community with both your intended report and any technical issues you may experience. Comments are screened, so don’t worry that they’ll be made public.

6. Use the 'Location' area to tell us who's welcome. Bats, villains, Justice League, and so forth. If you leave it blank, we'll assume it's OTA (Open To All). You can also list your in-universe location there, like "Metropolis" or "The Batcave". Feel free to shake it up a little! Everything doesn’t have to be centered in Gotham, or even Earth after all.

7. Feel free to put other timeline/setting/character information in the "Music" box.

8. Warn for any sort of adult content in threads by putting it in the thread subject AND/OR the "Location"/"Music" boxes of the entry.

Adult-lock (use the Age Restriction drop box and choose 18+) posts once the content becomes questionable (e.g. sex, underage, kink, ect.), or move the thread off comm before that. Moving adult content off board is preferred.

When playing on meme posts, it's preferred and especially encouraged that adult content be taken off comm, rather than locking the post. This is for the sake of underage players and/or muses, who may get locked out of memes.

9. Warn for potentially triggering content. Trauma/Trigger Warnings are required for any posts that may contain or mention sensitive/triggering content. This includes but is not limited to: abuse of any kind, non-consensual sex, strong violence, drug usage, etc. If your post itself may be triggering or contains adult content, please put it behind a cut. The cut itself need not be 6 words, but bonus points for style are awarded if you choose to do so.

10. What is allowed:

-Any canon characters from any DC/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm title.

-Canon characters from the DC/Marvel Amalgam Universe.

-DCAU canon characters.

-Any canon character from any adaptation of a DC/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm title. (Movies, TV shows, animated)

-Elseworlds/canon alternate Earth versions of any canon DC/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm title.

-Non-canon AU versions of canon DC/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm characters. (Pre-Crisis, genderswapped, never died, ongoing fanfiction universes, etc.) If you are playing a character from an ongoing fanon universe, you must have the writer’s permission to play that character, or, if the universe is collaborative, be permitted to play that character by someone who is a writer in that universe. We’re not going to go around “checking IDs” here, but if we get a PM from a writer whose universe you have been using without permission, banhammers will be dropped.

11. What is not allowed:

-Original characters.

-Canon characters from universes other than DC/Vertigo/Milestone/Wildstorm and their media adaptations.

-Personal journals.

12. The Hub:

The Hub is a patchwork place. The last stop beyond the 52 (or more?) worlds of the multiverse. You’ve slipped through the cracks of your verse, and fallen into ours.

The Hub is, in general, a gracious host, but it has its own little quirks. The place seems almost alive, and frowns on death and violence in general - though, on occasion, events may conspire to allow such unpleasantness. Still, many may find the Hub has an oddly pacifying effect, allowing even the bitterest of enemies to banter instead of brawl. Some may also find that the instability of the Hub leads to strange happenings now and again, which people choose to ignore… mostly.

In general, the Hub is fairly self-conscious, and would prefer to be left out of most conversations. Fortunately, the Hub provides a handy Bulletin Board in all locations, informing newcomers of what’s up so they can easily skip the disorientation and join the fun. And what fun there is, because the Hub seems quite determined to encourage people with little reason to talk to each other to sit down and have a chat. Conversations can be avoided with ease, certainly, but now and again, it’s nice to give in to the impulse to just join in a conversation and talk to someone new, isn’t it?

To cut through the fluff text: violence is acceptable, but letting things spiral into violence can really kill fun conversation possibilities, so be sparing with it. Newcomers can wonder at the Hub, but feeling the need to make an obligatory introduction post can get somewhat tiring, so go ahead and jump in with any old post if you don’t see the Hub tour being particularly exciting. Casual chatter or silly events, such as Stephanie Brown complaining about homework, or Lois Lane asking you random questions, or a giant Batwoman wedding where everyone is inexplicably invited, is encouraged, and characters with no ties to the original character are encouraged to tag for the hell of it. Remember - we’re all here to have fun, lighthearted RP, so feel free to set up plots with other posters, but never feel like you can’t have completely unassociated or even overtly hostile characters making small talk.
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